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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Reed, Courtney, Layton and Whitley.  We appreciate you taking time out of your day to sit down with Naughty and Nice Book Blog.

I have to say, you gentlemen are VERY easy on the eyes. (Heather says and she fans herself with her interview cards) Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me, Heather says. You ladies are very lucky to wake up next to these two!

So we are going to start off with Courtney.
Do you think you might have been using Mitch because you were afraid to take a chance with Reed?

“Looking back now on it, yes I was. Then I didn’t think I was.”

Courtney, why did you go with the safe option when you chose Mitch over Reed?

Looking down at the ground Courtney says, “I guess I was just guarding my heart.”

My heart broke for you the night of Layton and Whitley’s wedding.  Reed told you that he was in love with you and that he loved you from the moment he first saw you.  Why didn’t you take that opportunity to just tell him how you felt when you had the chance?

“I had so many emotions going on that night. I guess I was just trying to figure out how to deal with the knowledge that Mitch cheated and Reed loved me.”

Were you shocked that Layton told Reed about the voice mail message? 

Courtney glances over to Layton and then looks at Reed and smiled.

“No. I should have known Layton would tell Reed.”

What made you finally admit your feelings for Reed?

Courtney reaches for Reed’s hand and smiles.

“I couldn’t fight my feelings any longer. I needed to let go of past hurt and the only way to do that was to admit my love for Reed.”

 How hard was it for you to tell Reed what Noah did to you?
“Very. I’d never shared that with anyone.”

Did you ever have an inkling that Noah may have forced himself on others when you were younger?

Looking down at the floor, Courtney dabs the corner of her eye before looking back up at Heather.

“I guess deep down inside I thought he might have. I just didn’t want to believe he could destroy any more people.”

Why didn’t you ever confide in Whitley with what had happened with Noah?

“I felt ashamed. I wasn’t sure how people would look at me…treat me…if they knew what Noah had done to me. It was a very lonely time in my life.”

Courtney, you are quite attached to your kindles.  How pissed were you when the dogs ate your kindle? 

Reed and Courtney both start laughing.

“You have no idea. I was ready to kill those dogs. My Kindle means almost as much to me Reed does.”

Reeds mouth drops open as he shakes his head.

Reed, were you using Ana to get Courtney jealous, or did you truly have feelings for her?

Clearly his throat and moving around a bit in his seat Reed quickly looks at Courtney.

“Well, I guess you could say in the beginning I was trying to get at Court. I did have feelings for Ana but nothing like what I’ve ever felt for Courtney.”

Reed, what made you want to buy a kindle and read Courtney’s favorite book, The Marriage Merger By Jennifer Probst?  Were you hoping to catch some pointers on how to be swoonworthy?

“Hell yeah I was. Her nose was always in that book and when I would walk into a room and she had that smile on her. I wanted to know what was making her smile so that I could be the one to make her smile like that.”

Courtney let’s out a sigh and says, I love you, Reed.”

Courtney has told the world that you are well endowed and that God surely did bless you.  Any thoughts on that?

“I think I’ll just let that one be between Court and myself.” Courtney covers her mouth as she attempts to hold back a giggle. 

Oh my, is Reed a little bashful when it comes to his “manly” parts. Heather sits back in her chair and chuckles and shakes her head back and forth. 

"My manly parts may or may not make me a bit bashful."

Reed you always manage to make us laugh, when you slipped in the cow shit in the pasture, what stopped you from tackle hugging Courtney?

Reed raises his eyebrow and looks at Heather.

“You do know we are talking about Courtney here right? I didn’t really feel like getting my balls kicked in that night. I fully intended on using all my manly parts later.

Heather looks between Courtney and Reed and says, that is true.  Either you would have gotten kicked in the balls from Courtney or you would have ended up with a severe case of “blue” balls.  Wise choice. Reed nods his head in agreement.

Courtney, what would you have done is Reed would have tackled hug you?
“Kicked him in the balls.”

Reed, what did you expect Courtney’s reaction to be when you told her about your relationship with your ex-girlfriend and the pregnancy?

Taking a deep breath Reed slowly lets it out and shakes his head. I was afraid she’d hate me. I was afraid I would lose her.”

Can you explain the emotions that you had when you found out that Courtney was pregnant?

Reed grins from ear to ear.

I’d never been so happy in my life. I was happy and scared at the same time but more happy. The moment she told me I couldn’t wait to see her stomach growing bigger, feel the baby moving. My wife was absolutely breathtaking when she was pregnant.”

Courtney leans over and says to Reed, “Well played, you will be rewarded later.”

You definitely showed that you were swoonworthy.  What made you do what you did for Tyler’s wedding?

Reed shrugs his shoulders and says, It just felt like the right thing to do at the time. I saw how hurt Courtney was and how hurt her family was and I just wanted to…take the hurt away.”

Courtney, what is your fetish with public sex?  You are neither shy or discrete about what you want with Reed, when you want it?

“Oh Heather…darling. If you have never had public sex you must give it a try. There is something very…hot about it. Reed tends to bring out…the naughty side of me.” Courtney winks at Reed who blushes.

Reed, so what do you think about Courtney’s vibrator collection?  Have you experimented with them, like Layton and Whitley did?

Reed blushes again, I should have known you would put me in the hot seat. I enjoy them…a lot.”

Oh my, have I embarrassed Reed Moore.  Who would have ever thought, that I could make such a hot man blush. You should have expected me to ask some intimate questions. You saw firsthand what I did to Layton the last time we sat down with ya’ll. 

I did. I thought you liked me more though and would go easy on me.” Layton starts laughing.

Courtney, what did you think your mother’s reaction would be when you told her you were pregnant?

I thought she was going to give me a lecture. I don’t like lectures from my mother. At all.”

Why in the hell did you take a pregnancy test in a public rest room?

Whitley and Courtney both start laughing. Seemed like a good plan at the time. Had no clue mine would say positive.”

Lets turn our attention to Layton and Whitley.
Whitley, what started the whole “public sex” competition between you and Courtney? 

Whitley looks at Courtney and smirks.

Court and I have always been a bit…competitive. Believe me, we are about lots of things. Not just public sex.”

Courtney laughs and Reed and Layton look on confused.

Heather raises an eye brow and says, “Care to elaborate?” Turning to look at Courtney again Whitley says, Maybe later…in private!

What is the oddest place that you and Layton have had sex at?

Back of a plane on the way to New York.”

Courtney sits up straighter and looks at Whitley and shouts, What the hell? A plane?”
Whitley smiles and shrugs her shoulders.

Whitley, both you and Courtney were both pregnant at the same time.  Did you find it special that the two of you got to share that together?

Yes, very much so. Twice!”

Reed, how did you hear about Josh Hayes’ furniture company?  We have known about Josh’s beautiful work for quite some time.

Smiling Reed says, Layton and I know Gunner Mathews. He is a cattle rancher too. We met him and Jeff Johnson for lunch once and got to talking about things and I can’t remember exactly how they brought up Josh. I got his number and the rest is history”.

How are the two of you enjoying parenthood?  Seems like the two of you have been quite busy. 

Layton and Reed both smile and look at Courtney and Whitley. Layton says, Love it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Reed nods his head and says, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in my life.”

Here at Naughty and Nice Book Blog, we like to play a little game to close out our interviews.  I want you to tell us something about your partner that nobody knows.  It can be anything. But we prefer it to be embarrassing.

Lets start with Layton.  Tell us something about Whitley.
Layton rubs his hands together and looks at Whitley. Let’s see. Something about Whit. When she sleeps at night she drools.”

Whitley’s mouth drops open and she hits Layton. You bastard! Okay… I see how this is going to be.

Whitley looks at Heather and smiles. Layton sleeps with a teddy bear.”

Layton lets out a gasp and says, I have been betrayed in the cruelest of ways. You can’t use that! You gave me that teddy bear.”

Whitley smirks and says, I can use it and I did.”

Reed and Courtney laugh then Courtney says, Oh! Oh! I got one. Reed tries to hide it but I’ve seen him crying while reading a book on his Kindle.”

Reed stares at Courtney and slowly says, Really? You’re going to go there? Fine.” As Reed points to Courtney he looks at Heather and says, When Court is really tired, she sucks her thumb.”

Courtney lets out a gasp and looks at Heather. That is…well…it is true, but I have to be really really tired.”

Courtney and Whitley both cross their arms and glare at Layton and Reed. Reed’s smile fades as he whispers, Ah hell…I think we’re fucked now.”

Well boys, I am sure you will think of something to swoon your ladies with when you get home.  Be creative, or better yet, maybe you can give your friends Gunner Mathews and Jeff Johnson a call.  The two of them have shared a few secrets with us as well, so I am sure they can share a few pointers with ya’ll.   Naughty and Nice Book Blog would like to thank all of you for stopping by.  As always, it has been a pleasure and we look forward to sitting down with you in the future.

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