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TORN by Eleanor Green


When Katie Harrington becomes engaged to Branson Stone she believes her life is right on track for all her dreams to come true. 

However, flashes of a life she never lived haunt her—leading her to discover a past that has been purposely erased from her memory in order to protect her from horrible truths.

The look on her fianc├ęs face as she retells everything she remembers about being a victim of human trafficking will forever be etched in her mind. Instead of catching and comforting her, he lets her go.

Retreating to the family’s cottage in the Outer Banks for the summer, Katie’s heart begins to heal. She succumbs to the allure of a dangerously handsome local, Aidan Romero. But as soon as Katie begins to let go and move on with Aidan . . . Branson finds her.

Now Katie is torn between two lives—facing her painful past with Branson, or moving on with Aidan and keeping the secrets safely buried forever.

Eleanor Green did a fabulous job with her debut novel.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the title, but after reading the synopsis I was immediately interested in reading this novel.  This book deals with a very serious subject matter, human sex trafficking.  This is something that occurs every day in the society that we live in.  I think Eleanor handled the subject matter very carefully and shined the light on something that we thought could never happen to anyone we know. 

Katie Harrington never had it easy.  Her parents were drug addicts and she was sent to live in foster care at the age of 7.   The foster home that she went to live in wasn’t any better then what she was living in.  Her foster parents were abusive.  Katie met Ally when she went to live in the foster home.  She was three years older than her and Katie looked up to her.  She looked to her for guidance. Ally was the big sister she never had.  Ally and Katie need to get out of their foster home.  Ally comes up with an idea that they runaway to California to pursue a career in modeling and acting.  Katie was only 13, Ally was 16.  Ally trusted the wrong people and the two of them ended up being a victim of human trafficking.

The only problem is, Katie doesn’t remember any of this.  Katie only remembers growing up with her grandmother.  Gram was her best friend.  All of her childhood memories included her Gram.  While in college, the nightmares began.  Katie had no idea what they meant.  At times she would have visions of things.  Were they memories or just things she possibly saw on TV or in a movie?

Katie meets an amazing man named, Branson.  Branson is what every girl dreams of.  He is good looking, charming, respectful, loving, supportive, gentle, patient, and successful.  I could go on and on about how great Branson is.  I absolutely LOVED Branson.
Branson and Katie hit it off immediately.  The two of them are both focused on their soon to be careers and look forward to a future together.  Katie thought everything was perfect.   The nightmares seem to be getting worse, they are more vivid.  Katie begins to put together the pieces of the puzzle together and she discovers the life she had prior to going to live with her grandmother.  Katie is shattered when she knows the truth of her past.  How can she tell Branson what she knows now?  Will Branson look at her differently?  Will Branson be supportive with this new revelation?  

Katie struggles with what she founds out.  Does she even know who the real Katie is?  How can Branson love her when who he fell in love with, may not really exist? When Katie tells Branson, it is as if he was hit with a boulder in the chest.  How did she expect him to react to this news?  He needed time to process all of this.  He just found out the woman he is in love with, intends to marry, was repeatedly brutally raped and beaten for years when she was a teenager.  He is livid.  He wants to kill the men who hurt her.  Maybe he didn’t react the way that Katie wanted him to, instead, he sat there like a zombie trying to absorb the information he was just told. 
Katie feels rejected when Branson doesn’t say anything to her, and she runs.  She leaves and heads to a family friend’s vacation home to help heal her shattered heart.  Katie is struggling with the feelings she has for Branson.  He is the love of her life.  He holds her heart.  Will she be able to move on?  Will she be able to mend her broken heart?  Aidan seems to think he can help her heal.  Aidan just so happened to be at the same place at the same time that Katie was.  Was it a coincidence?  Was it planned?   Katie enjoys Aidan’s company.  She enjoys spending time with him, but is she ready to move on from Branson?  Could Katie move on and allow herself to love someone else?  Would she always love Branson?  Could she love Aidan? 

When Branson learns of Katie’s whereabouts.  Branson is going to fight for her.  He is not going to let her go.  Branson vows to love Katie.

“I’ll always fight for you, you’re worth fighting for.” ~ Branson”
“After it was over you said. I was worth it – worth fighting for.  You didn’t fight for me this time, Branson.  You gave up on us so easily.  It hurt…you really hurt me.”~ Katie

Did Branson really give on Katie or was Katie led to believe he did? Could Branson and Katie get past this?  Could Katie trust Branson again? Will Katie choose Branson?  Branson loves Katie unconditionally, and he has envisioned his future with Katie. 
“My love for you has only grown stronger after hearing about the hell you endured.  You are strong, brave, and…you’re mine.” ~ Branson

Katie is torn between the two men.  Will Katie choose Aidan?  Will Katie tell Aidan about her past?  Will Katie choose to live a life of lies with Aidan?  Does Aidan want the same future that Katie dreams of?  Will Katie sacrifice her dreams for Aidan?
“So you’d rather live a lie with someone you barely know, than live in truth with me?” ~ Branson

“I fell in love with you.  I want your past, your present, and your future.” ~ Branson
Decisions, decisions, decisions. Katie has some decisions that she needs to make.  Will she make the right one?  Will she follow her heart? 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  To know the life she was forced to live for three years, my heart broke for Katie.  Katie was stronger than she knew she.  She was a survivor.  Katie wasn’t a mean person, she was so full of life. She deserved to be happy.  To get the happily ever after. 

This review was prepared by Heather.  I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author:

Eleanor Green resides in Tennessee with her husband and two children. She enjoys the things everyone else does—reading, writing, cooking—but is also an adventure seeker.

Terrified of cats, passionate about hot tea, allergic to being cold.

Still left on her bucket list: getting lost in Italy and being invited in for dinner by a sweet family, eating a scorpion, and swimming with the dolphins.

Eleanor also writes under the name Lisa Poston Murphy.

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