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BLOG TOUR - SAVOR by Monica Murphy

ABOUT SAVOR: New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy concludes her sexy Billionaire Bachelors Club series with a fiery romance that refuses to be left at the office…Bryn James can’t take much more. Smart, sexy Matthew DeLuca is everything she wants in a man, but he’s also her boss—the youngest, hottest vineyard owner in the Napa Valley—and he doesn’t see her as anything more than his shy assistant. That’s all about to change. Armed with a hot new look and an attitude to match, Bryn is determined to catch Matt’s eye… professionalism be damned. With his winery’s grand reopening approaching, Matt is trying to stay focused, but Bryn is suddenly making it very difficult. He’s always thought her prim demeanor effortlessly sexy, but Matt can’t deny that her transformation is jaw-dropping …and going to make it very difficult to keep his hands to himself. But when one thing leads to another and suddenly Matt is stripping Bryn bare, he’ll be faced with the biggest risk of his career—and his heart. Can he convince her—and himself—that this might just be more than a no-strings office affair?     


I absolutely LOVE this series and I am sad to see it come to an end.  All three of the Billionaire Bachelors Club Novels were a quick read.  Once I started them, I could not put them down.  

Matt DeLuca is the last single man standing after making a large wager with his two best friends, Archer and Gage.  Matt vows that he is going to walk away with the million dollars that is sitting on the table for his taking.  The only thing is, Archer ups the ante and Matt agrees to go along with it.  He is confident that he will win and his eyes are set on the million dollars, however Archer and Gage see things a little differently.  There is a certain someone that has caught the attention of Matt and Archer has a feeling that Matt will act on his feelings for his personal assistant, Bryn. 
 Bryn is very quiet and keeps to herself.  She is considered a wallflower, as she tries to blend into her environment as she doesn't want to draw attention to herself.  Bryn hasn't always been like this though.  Bryn is beautiful and her looks and body draw attention to her.  Bryn would rather dress very plain in her beige skirt or pants, than dress in clothes that accent her body for fear of drawing unnecessary attention. Bryn has had feelings for Matt for months and she keeps telling herself that she can't act on her feelings because he is her boss.   Bryn refused to make the same mistake again.

Matt is attracted to Bryn and refuses to act on his feelings because she is his assistant.  Matt tries to stay focused on the grand re-opening of the winery, but his attention keeps falling on Bryn.  Archer's fiance, Ivy sees the connection between the two and decides that the two of them need a little push.  Ivy and Bryn have formed a friendship and Ivy convinces Bryn that she needs a little make over.  Ivy turns Bryn into a little sex kitten, and Matt is dying to give that little pussy a petting.  

Matt struggles with his feelings for Bryn, until he can't keep up the charade any longer. The perfect opportunity arises and Matt jumps at the chance to spend time alone with Bryn. When Matt takes Bryn with him to the Savor Wine Guild Annual Convention in New York City, he never expected what was going to transpire between the two of them.  

"We've been fighting this and trying to do the right thing for months Bryn.  Months.  You didn't just fall into bed with your boss because you're too dumb to know better.  I hope you came into my bed because you care for me as much as I care for you." ~Matt DeLuca

Can Matt have a relationship with Bryn?  Can Bryn have a relationship with her boss? Can Bryn let go of the past and not hold Matt accountable for what others have done to her? Can Bryn open her heart and trust Matt?  Will Matt's notoriety scare Bryn off?  Will Matt savor the time he was with Bryn?  Is Bryn worth the million dollars that Matt could win from the bet?  Will Bryn think she is good enough for Matt?  Can Matt love Bryn?  Is Matt ready to give up his bachelor status?

I thought Matt was a total sweetheart in this book. I felt the connection between Matt and Bryn immediately.  At times my heart broke for Bryn and Matt.  I understood why Matt didn't act on his feelings with Bryn.  He was walking a fine line.  Was Matt doing the right thing by getting involved with an employee? Matt needed to decide if Bryn was worth taking the risk for. 

I am sad to see this series end.  I was hoping that there would be one more book in the series to finalize all of the relationships that were formed.  I wanted to see Archer and Ivy get married, have their baby, I wanted to see Gage and Marina get married, and I wanted to see what the future held for Matt and Bryn.  When I finished reading Savor, I was left wanting more.  I just felt like I was missing something.  



ABOUT MONICA MURPHY: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.

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