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Heather: I would like to thank all of you for stopping by Naughty and Nice Book Blog.  I also want to congratulate all of you on the births of your children.  They are all beautiful. I would also like to give a warm welcome to GiGi who will be joining us today and will be asking a few questions of her own.  Let me warn you now, I have no idea what she will be asking, I can only imagine what may come out of her mouth. Consider yourself warned.

Heather: Let’s start off with Jessie.  It’s nice to see that you have heels on today.  I hope they deter you from trying to make a run for it. You’re sort of known for running when things get a little tough.  Heather raises her eyebrows at her and smiles.
I promise I won’t be tough rough with ya. Heather winks at Jessie.

Heather: Do you regret not going into the room to see who Chelsea was having sex with?  Even though it was Scott’s house, as we know now, it wasn’t Scott.

Jessie glances towards Scott and back to Heather. “Yes. I wish I could turn back time, but as we know, I can’t. In my heart though I knew all
along it wasn’t Scott. I just wish my head would have listened to my heart.

Heather: Did Scott give you that much doubt not to trust him that you assumed Scott would cheat on you?  He did just ask you to move in with him days prior to that horrible night.

“No he didn’t. It was just old insecurities creeping back into my world.”

Heather: I am a little confused and I would like you to explain something to me.  You were in love with Scott and you were going to move in with him.  I know you were crushed thinking that Scott cheated on you, but what made you move on so fast with Trey?

“I was hurting, angry, disappointed… I don’t think I was looking to move on as much as I was looking to forget the hurt I was feeling. In my heart I thought Scott had repeated history. The easiest thing for me to do at the time was try to forget it. Ignoring it was better than facing it. It was a big lesson learned for me.”

Heather: I thought your relationship with Trey was a little odd.  He just seemed to be, shall I say, clingy. As in… stage 5 clinger.  From seeing how he treated you, it was as if he loved you after only knowing you a few weeks.   Did you ever think that he wanted too much from you too fast?

Shaking her head and adjust herself in her seat Jessie takes a deep breath and blows it out. “Yes. Something always felt…off…but something also felt right, friendship wise. I thought we were both going through the same thing. Hurting and both looking for an escape, but I never saw myself with Trey…ever.”

GiGi: Jessie, honey I love you to death but for a fraction of a second I wanted to vagina punch your cowgirl booty. Why did you kiss Trey one last time?
Smiling and looking at Scott who was now holding Jessie’s hand she turns back to Gigi. “Guilt maybe? I knew Trey felt our relationship could have been something more and I knew he was hurting by me leaving. He did help me when I was going through a rough time.” Shrugging Jessie continues. “I don’t know, I think we all do things spur of the moment and don’t really think of the consequences until after. To me it wasn’t anything more than a simple kiss goodbye to a friend who I had grown close to.”

GiGi: Why did you want to meet Trey alone?
“It’s not like I left with the idea that I didn’t want Scott to go with me. Trey was talking like he was going to hurt himself. I panicked and just left. It wasn’t done on purpose.”

Heather: Let’s bring our attention to Scott.
Scott, what was going through your mind when you found out that Jessie left town without telling anyone where she was going?
Looking at Jessie and giving her a weak smile Scott said, “I was scared to death. Not knowing where she was at was like living in hell.”

Heather: Were you angry with Jessie for not trusting you?  Did you ever give Jessie any reason to doubt your love for her?
“No. I wasn’t angry at Jessie and no, I don’t think I did but I did hurt her deeply before so I see where she could have had doubts.” Looking over at Jessie Scott smiles. “I don’t think she has any doubts about how I feel for her now.”
Smiling back at Scott, Jessie says, “No. I know how strong our love is and would never doubt it.”

Heather: When you found out that Jessie sent a post card to her family, and talked about meeting someone else, did you ever think that maybe you should move on?
“No. I love Jessie and will fight for our love until the day I die.”

GiGi:  Scott, oh heavens, you own my heart sweetie pie.  You agonized over Jessie's 5 week escapade with Trey and I know that must be difficult to accept. BUT WHY WOULD YOU WALK AWAY FROM HER AGAIN! Haven't you learned from the past? *looking at Gunner* thanks to sugar stamp boy over here he knocked some sense into your clouded brain.
“I don’t think I ever walked away from her. I admit there were moments I wanted to give up but I didn’t.” Looking at Jessie and winking, “I love her too much.”

GiGi: Knowing that this whole ordeal started because of your brother and Chelsea, have you REALLY forgiven your brother, Bryce?

Shrugging and letting out a sigh Scott says, “Not really. Things are a little better but I’m not sure if they will ever be the same.”

Heather: How are they two of you enjoying parenthood?  Lauren is absolutely beautiful. Is she sleeping through the nights yet?

“Thank you so much.” Jessie says with a smile as she looks at Scott. Scott turns toward Heather and says, “We love it. It’s everything and more we ever dreamed it would be. She is such a good baby. She’s been sleeping through the nights for about a month now.”

Heather: Ellie and Jeff, how is your relationship with your father.  Have you truly forgiven him for leaving you all those years ago?

Smiling Ellie and Jeff look at each and then back at Heather and Gigi. Jeff nods at Ellie to speak first. “Our relationship is wonderful. I know he hurt us and our mother in the past, but we have all chosen to leave the past in the past where it belongs. I love seeing him interact with the kids and the relationship that our parents now have I think have helped the two of them heal and move on as well.” Looking at Jeff he nods in agreement.
“I mean it was hard at first to just forgive and forget. I don’t think I’ll ever truly forget but Ells is right. It’s in the past and we have so much to look forward to in the future. Why hold onto anger…it only ends up destroying your heart.”

GiGi: Ellie, Honey you just popped out a baby but I have to say your body is clitty clacking!  Anyway, on a serious note, when you found out your dad has cancer how did Gunner help you to cope?

Glancing at Gunner and grinning from ear to ear Ellie says, “Gunner is my rock. I’m not sure what I would do without him. He holds me when I just need holding, listens when I just need someone to listen and supports me in everything I do…one hundred and ten percent.”

Heather: Ellie, how are you adjusting to being a mother of two little ones?  Colt looks just like his daddy.  You are going to have your hands full with that little guy.

Laughing Ellie nods her head. “He is so different from Alex. He’s fearless and that scares me. But I think he is going to be a little heart breaker…I see it already. He is a mini Gunner all the way.”
Gunner chuckles and says, “Hell yeah he is.”
Brad clears his throat and says, “I think maybe Colt should be sent away to bordering school with Luke. My girls aren’t going to be safe around them two.”
Josh throws his head back and laughs as Brad looks at him. “Please. What are you laughing at? Let’s hope Will doesn’t inherit his dad’s…free spirit. I think Will’s gonna be worse than Luke.”
Josh’s smiled fades as he gives Brad the finger and everyone laughs.

Heather: Did Alex adjust well welcoming her little brother into the family?

Gunner grins like a proud daddy. “She did. She wore her ‘I’m a big sister’ shirt for days.”
Ellie starts laughing and adds, “She’s a big help. She takes her role as big sister very seriously.”

Heather: Let’s bring our attention to Jefferson and Ari.  Heather shakes her head.  The two of you can’t seem to keep your hands off of each other.  It’s as if you two are horny teenagers. 
Have you had anymore rendezvous in the barn since your father walked in on the two of you?

Grinning like a Cheshire cat and wiggling her eyebrows up and down Ari says, “Let’s just say what happens in the barn, stays in the barn.”

Heather: I see some things have not changed.  Heather just shakes her head.

Heather: Jefferson, how is your relationship with Ari’s father since that incident?  Mark seemed to handle the situation quite well that day.  I myself was cracking up laughing.

Shaking his head Jeff looks at Ari, “Mark and I have a really good relationship…most of the time. He knows I love his daughter and would do anything for her and the kids so as long as he doesn’t walk in on me having sex with his daughter…we’re good.”

GiGi: Ari, losing a child must be hard and remembering her must be ten times worse. What was going through your mind when you thought Jessie was about to lose her baby?
Swallowing hard and looking down, Ari says, “It brought back those feelings again and I was scared to death for Jessie. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

GiGi: Jeff, you are so sexy I want to eat you up!  You keep on saying and we know this because my sexy cowboy you needed saving back then, that Ari saved you. You must have saved her from something....what would that be?  You could have saved her from the pile of shit but that's another topic in itself.

Looking over at Ari Jeff grins. “She tells me I saved her as much as she saved me but you’d have to ask her. I’d like to think I saved her from a world filled with douchebag assholes who couldn’t possibly keep her as happy as I do.”

Shaking her head Ari hits Jeff on the shoulder.

 Heather: Ari, I have to give you props for the bachelorette party.  I was cracking up laughing that you kept a straight face and played it off when Jessie kept protesting about the strippers.  You concocted a good plan when you brought the husbands in and Scott to strip for Jessie.  Did you have trouble convincing Scott to participate?

“Shit. Hell no…he was all over that like a fly on horseshit. He couldn’t wait to do it.” Pointing to Ellie and Heather, Ari rolled her eyes. “These two almost ruined the whole thing though.”

Heather: Jessie, your reaction to the stripper was priceless.  When you were hearing the girls hooting and hollering, you were appalled at how they were acting.  When you finally realized it was Scott, what was going through your mind?

Laughing Jessie looks at Scott and blushes. “When I first realized it was Scott I was thanking God that I wouldn’t have to kill Ari and then let’s just say I couldn’t wait to be alone with him.”

GiGi: Gunner, you are my sugar stamping cowboy.  How did Ellie comfort you during Gramps’ heart attack episode? *holding hand up* And please don't tell me she sugar stamped your fine ass. Although I wouldn't mind doing it. *fanning self*

Heather D is shaking her head and trying to hold in her laugh. I warned you, I cannot be held responsible for what comes out of her mouth!

Grabbing Ellie’s hand and kissing the back of it Gunner says, “It’s like Ellie said earlier, she’s my rock just as much as I’m hers. Sometimes all it takes is having that person who you love so much just there with you. Words don’t even have to be exchanged…it’s just her presence there that comforts me. I can’t explain it. When we hold each other I just feel…better. I think she feels the same way.”

Nodding her head Ellie smiles sweetly at Gunner.

GiGi: Heather, my my my what could I possibly ask the closet queen of kinkiness. What is your darkest fantasy?  *looking at Josh*  Are you getting hot and umm....bothered Josh?
Blushing Heather looks down at the floor and then over at Josh. “Some things are better left between two people.”
Josh smiles and winks at Heather.

GiGi: Josh, were you surprised at all to find out this ummm wonderful kinky side of Heather existed?
Still looking at Heather Josh let’s out a chuckle. “I was a little surprised at first but it’s one of the things I love about Heather. She is probably the sweetest, kindest person I know but girl knows how to get her naughty on.”
Everyone laughs and Heather’s mouth drops open as she hits Josh on the shoulder. “This girl won’t be getting her naughty on anytime soon if you keep that up.”

GiGi: Lark, do you think Azurdee is that one girl who can mend your heart? You have strong feelings for Azurdee, *raising brow* don't even deny it, is it strong enough to forget your ex?
Shrugging his shoulders Lark gives a weak smile.

Heather: Lark, you seem to be a fan favorite. I’m not sure if it’s because you come off mysterious, but all I can say, is it makes you even sexier.  You act as if there is no chemistry between you and Azurdee, but it is evident to all of us that there is definitely chemistry.  I would like you to answer honestly, do you think there is a chance for something to transpire between the two of you?
Keeping his eyes off of Azurdee, Lark looks at Heather and smiles.  “I thought we were here to talk about Scott and Jessie. Not me and Azurdee.”

Heather: We are here to discuss the book CHERISHED and you my friend were introduced to us in Cherished, therefore I can ask you anything my little heart desires.  You may not answer, but I do get to ask.  So spit it out.  You are not getting off that easy.  Give a girl something…..

Heather: How about this. I will make it easy for you.  One question.  Are you sexually attracted to Azurdee?
Quickly looking at Azurdee and then back at Heather, Lark smiles slightly and says, “Who wouldn’t find her sexually attractive. Have you looked at her?”

Heather: The same question goes to you, Azurdee.  Are you sexually attracted to Lark?
Smiling slightly Azurdee blushes and says, “He has his moments.”

Heather: Now that Jessie had her baby, do you see yourself coming to Mason to spend more time with her and the rest of your new friends?
Smiling Azurdee looks at Jessie. “Totally. Jessie and I are best friends so I can’t imagine not seeing her, Scott and Lauren as often as possible!”

Heather: This question is for the men…  Have you had anymore romance contests lately, and if so, has Scott participated in them?
Gunner looks at Jeff who then looks at Josh who snaps his head at Scott and says, “Don’t even think about it.” Brad and Lark start laughing along with all the girls.
Gunner moves around in his seat and says, “Well…um…maybe someday we’ll have to share that story but for now that one stays within the group.”
Rolling her eyes Ari leans forward and looks at Ellie. “I really can’t wait to tell our kids that story when they get older.”
Laughing harder Ellie nods her head in agreement.

Heather: I can’t believe you are going to keep secrets from me.  After all this time, I thought we had a connection. Heather tilts her head at Ari and Jeff.
“Oh no. Don’t even give me that look Heather. Nope. Not going to work on me this time.” Jeff says as he winks at Heather. Ari lets out a laugh as she holds up her hands.

Heather: Ok, all of you have been friends for quite some time.  I want you to look to your right and tell us one thing about that person that we don’t know.  Last time we sat down with you, we found out that Jefferson likes to get a manicure. 
Jeff leans forward and says, “I’ll go first.” He looks to his right and smiles at Gunner.
“You bastard,” Gunner whispers.
Jeff smiles and says, “Gunner likes to soak in bubble baths.”
“It’s relaxing damn it! There is nothing wrong with relaxing in a nice hot bath with some lavender bubbles.” Gunner says as he winks at Heather and Gigi.
Every one laughs as Lark stands up and walks over to Gunner. He holds out his hand as Gunner turns and gives Jeff a go to hell look.
“Give it up dude.” Lark says as Gunner curses and reaches for his wallet and pulls out his man card and slaps it in Lark’s hand.
Shaking his head Gunner looks at Ellie. “Ellie likes to be tied up during sex.”
What?” Ellie and Jeff both say at the same time.
“You son of a bitch!” Jeff says as he jumps up and Ari pulls him back down in his seat.
“Oh my God, Jeff…Gunner is kidding. He’s trying to get you back.”
Jeff shakes his head and points to Gunner. “Bastard!”
Ari leans back behind Jeff and gives Ellie a thumbs up and wiggles her eyebrows up and down.
Ellie glares at Gunner who is now smiling oh so sweetly at her. “You better pick something else if you know what is good for you.”
Gunner’s smile fades as he says, “Ellie is terrible at spelling.”
Smiling Ellie says, “That I will admit to. I suck at it.”
Ellie spins around and smiles at Jessie. “Jessie is a terrible cook.”
“Hey!” Jessie says as she looks at Ellie. “That is not true.” Turning to look at Scott, Jessie says, “Scott, tell her that is not true.”
Scott looks at Ellie with a dead pan face and says, “That’s not true.” Jessie turns and sticks her tongue out at Ellie as Scott looks at Heather and Gigi and mouths, “It is true.”
Scott turns and look at Josh and laughs. “What’s so funny?” Josh asks.
“Oh man…I have a plethora of shit I could pick from.”
Josh shakes his head and give Scott a look. “Just remember I’m making that thing you asked for.”
Scott’s smile fades and he looks at Heather and Gigi. “I forgot about the thing. I pass.”
“You can’t pass!” Jeff says.
“Josh is an open book. He holds no secrets.” Scott says as he looks at Josh who is smiling.
“Josh stop it.” Heather says as she looks at Scott. “Scott, play the game like everyone else is.”
Josh turns and faces Heather. “Oh my God. My own wife?
Scott lets out a sigh and says, “Josh likes singing in the shower.”
Lark shakes his head and says, “Dude, I don’t even want to know how you know that.”
Josh rolls his eyes as he looks at Heather. Smiling big he grabs her hand. “Heather, loves the smell of skunks.”
“Oh God…I hate that about her. Dead Skunk and that bitch is rolling down the windows to smell it.” Ari says as she makes a face.
Heather lets out a laugh and turns to Lark who just gives her a look. She looks at Heather and Gigi and says, “I’d like to skip Lark please.”
Lark let’s out a chuckle and says, “Smart girl.”
Heather D: I don’t think so…. Heather you are not getting off that easy.  A game is a game.  You have to give us something on Lark.

Looking down and taking in a deep breath Heather looks up, “I’m really still getting to know Lark so…the only thing I can say is…um…” Lark tilts his head as he eyes Heather with a smirk. “Well um…oh hell fine. Jessie said Larks likes helping her change diapers!”
“What?” Jeff and Lark say at the same time. Lark turns and looks at Jessie. “Jess? You wound me that you would share that.”
Jessie’s face drops and she looks at Heather. “What the hell Heather?”
Heather shrugs her shoulders and says, “Heather Davenport scares me…she makes me nervous and I panicked.”
Everyone is laughing and shaking their heads at Heather.
Heather: Lark you are not getting off that easy either, Azurdee is sitting to your right.  Tell us something we don’t know about Azurdee.

Lark moves his eyes up and down Azurdee and grins, “Something’s are better off remaining a secret.” Lark looks back at Heather and winks.
Azurdee looks away and then at Ari and gets ready to say something.
Ari stands up and says, “Well this has been fun but I need to get home to the little ones.”
“Bullshit! You just don’t want anyone saying something about you.” Jeff says as Ari turns and glares at him. “Jeff, oh Jeff.  If you knew what was good for you…you’d just stop there.”
Jeff’s smile fades as he turns and looks at Gunner and says, “Ari has her own ‘thing’ and I’m not risking losing out on that shit tonight. Sorry y’all. Game over.”

Well today has been quite interesting.  I always enjoy seeing what all of you will say about each other.  I only wish I could be a fly on the wall when the next romance contest occurs. Heather wiggles her eyebrows at the men.
Naughty and Nice Book Blog loves when all of you stop by to pay us a visit.  After reading Cherished, we are patiently waiting to see what the future holds for Lark and Azurdee. 

Thank you again for stopping by.  Make sure to give the kiddies a kiss for us and send our love to Gramps and Grams.

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