Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sidebarred by Emma Chase

Join Jake & Chelsea, Stanton & Sofia, Brent & Kennedy as they navigate the hilarious and heartwarming hurdles of love, life and the law in this final addition to the Legal Briefs Series.
There was a time when Jake Becker had it all together. He was controlled, driven, ruthless—in and out of the courtroom.
Then, six irresistible orphans and their heartbreakingly beautiful aunt crashed into his perfectly ordered life. They changed everything. They changed him. Now he’s a husband, an upstanding member of society, a father figure—a family man.
And he’s pretty damn good at it.
Sure, he has to referee sibling smackdowns, re-learn algebra, ensure his clients stay of jail, and keep his wife happy—but it finally feels like he’s got it together again....
So, of course something has to screw it all up. It’s huge. Life-changing. Kind of terrifying.
And it will be the most amazing, perfect thing he’ll ever do.

Review by: CA Borgford

This little beauty was EVERYTHING I hoped for and more.

This did not feel like a novella to me. Chase ~ with the help of the always adorable, alpha sweet Jake ~ swept me off my feet on page one. Reading Sidebarred felt like hanging with my best friends. I’ve adored the series. Jake, Chelsea and the kids were a highlight for me, so reading more, as their futures progress, was a delicious treat. 

Emma Chase is a master at creating dynamic, honest relationships. Her attention to the tiniest of details, special moments between siblings, parents, and friends demand your attention and elicit a waterfall of emotions.

These simple everyday lines (below) and the scenes they represent are a testament to this author’s immense talent. They will forever remind me of these characters. I read them and immediately find myself back to those moments ~ feeling, seeing, enjoying.

I’m gonna be a boss.
Someone’s in trouble.
Even when you’re being an asshole.
Thank you, Jake. For everything.
The old-fashioned way.
You would hold all the kids at once, because your arms are big enough to do that.

The Legal Briefs Series is sexy, heartfelt, and insanely brilliant. Sidebarred is the perfect ending to an incredible series ~ straight up GOLD. 

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