Monday, March 21, 2016

Her Forever Hero By Melody Anne


Growing up in a big adoptive family, gorgeous small-town attorney Cam has always had a life rich with love. But the one thing he’s missing is the perfect woman to grow old and raise a family with—and send sparks flying on those cold Montana nights! Still, Cam knows if it wasn’t for his caring parents and brothers, he wouldn’t be where he is today, so he tries to pay it forward whenever he can. And if the client happens to be a modern-day damsel in distress, he’ll happily don a suit of shining armor. This time, his sister-in-law’s best friend Grace is in serious trouble, and Cam’s determined to get his smart, beautiful client off the hook. But as attorney-client privilege brings Cam and Grace closer than they ever imagined, the sexual tension heats up. It’s clear before the gavel comes down that the verdict is going to be red hot

REVIEW by Jeanine:

I really loved this story. Cam and Grace were two high school sweethearts that grew apart as time passed. Cam went off to College as did Grace's best friend Sage to leave Grace all alone with really no where to go. She hated her parents and I can see why! She eventually went off to New York to try and get a fresh start but nothing was going right for her. 

Grace went through some terrible relationships in the 10 years she was away and another really tragic event. She was left broken. She returned to her home town ten years later and her and Cam quickly became friends again although he wanted way more from her than the "friend" title. Strange things started happening to Grace. Someone was watching her and out to get her. There was an embezzlement case against her right now.With Cam being a lawyer he was assigned the case and knew she didn't do anything so was working
trying to prove her innocence. In Turn he needed to know EVERYTHING that happened with her in the ten years she was away.S he told him a lot, but left out a very important thing that may or may not cost her her life eventually. 

I won't give away anymore but so many things happen in this story, so many twist and turns, it really kept me on edge waiting to see what happens next. I loved Cam and Grace's relationship and couldn't get enough of them two! Highly recommend!!!

REVIEW by Heather Mc. 

This is the third book to the Unexpected Heroes series by Melody Anne. This is Camden Whitman and Grace Sinclair’s book and their story started many years ago when they were friends as kids turned lovers when Camden came home from College one summer. They were in love but you know how things are when you are young and stupid. Now Grace carries a large grudge against Cam for breaking her heart and she won’t let him in again but he really wants Grace, he knows he messed up but that was years ago and he is ready to settle down. How can he settle down with Grace if she won’t even give him time to speak and help her when she is in some serious need of help. Someone is setting her up and using her as a front for crimes, something he can legally help her with if she would just let him. Cam needs to make her listen and let him help her so she can come out of this ok. Grace finally relents and I mean FINALLY because it is a long time to get to this point and the story really begins. I am a HUGE Melody Anne fan, I love her books, every single one I have read is a minimum 4.5 stars but Grace really made this book hard. She was too angry and too hurt so many years later. I get it she was in love with him forever and he broke her heart but they were older teens, they were not together for a very long time and he was away at college. I really felt her anger was unrealistic for the background of the story. I felt for her, her family was vile but she had great friends and a really good life if she would just live it. She was so stuck on her anger it was very hard to connect with her. Cam was a great guy, he was loyal, lovable and funny and he didn’t give up. He was a great man, brother, son and friend, I couldn’t say one bad thing about him throughout the book. I felt I really could have liked the story more if it didn’t take Grace ½ as long to get to a point of just opening up, not even giving into being with Cam but just not so angry and distant. I really love Melody Anne’s work and I will continue to read all of her books this one just fell short and for that while I hate to do so it is a 3 Star read for me. The epilogue was more geared toward Michaels book and I found that highly intriguing and I feel like I’ll can say with certainty that I will love it, much more than this one.

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