Thursday, July 16, 2015

CAUGHT by Erika Ashby and AE Woodward


There's this boy. 
He kinda owns my heart.

Who am I kidding?

He owns all of me--but he's completely oblivious to it.
And I can't tell him.

Because there's this girl.
And even though he's my best friend, she is too.

Then there's me...
CAUGHT between what feels so right, yet is so wrong.


I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I begin to read Caught. I have never read a book that was written by two authors. If I am going to be honest, I was a little hesitant. I always wondered how two author write the same story and have it flow.  I have to say, Erika Ashy and A.E. Woodward wrote an AMAZING story. They made the story blend effortlessly. Who would never know that it was written by two different people.   So with that being said, let's discuss the story, shall we.

I sort of got the premise of the story in the first two chapters. I had tons of questions in my mind. Who liked who? Why was Chace with Finley? Besides Finley's knock off looks, why was Chace with her? Why is Finley such a needy bitch? How could Quinn stay friends with Finley for as long as she has? If I were Quinn, I would have dumped the bitch a long time ago. Why hasn't Quinn ever spoken her true feelings for Chace?

This book is a love triangle, but it is not the typical one that you would expect. There were several twists and turns in the story. I was consumed by this story. I read 80% in one sitting. I had to force myself to put the kindle down and go to bed at 1:00 a.m. because I had to be up at 6:00 a.m. for work the next day. So needless to say, I was exhausted the next day.

I loved QUINN. I absolutely LOVED her. Her spunky attitude, her smart ass mouth. I was routing for her the entire time. She deserved so much more than what she was giving herself. She was settling. So when she made the decision that she did regarding college, I understood her reasons completely. My heart hurt for Quinn. When Quinn was sad, it made me sad. When Quinn was happy, it made me happy. Quinn needed to put her cards on the table, but sometimes, that isn't enough.

Chace and Quinn have been best friends for over 10 years. The two of them are inseparable. Chace is dating Quinn's best friend, Finley, which seems to be taking a toll of Quinn.  One night changes their relationship for ever. It has the power to destroy it.  Will Quinn and Chace find a way to fix their relationship? Will Chace continue to be CAUGHT in between two girls that he loves for entirely different reasons? Will Quinn continue to be CAUGHT in between her two best friends?  Will Quinn's friendship end with both, Finley and Chace?

Can Quinn continue on this path without losing herself? CAUGHT is a riveting story that will capture your heart from the very beginning. You will fall in love with Quinn. You're hurt will hurt for Quinn. You will love Chace. No matter what transpired between the two, I truly felt that he never intended to hurt Quinn. He needed Quinn. He needed her as much as he needs air to breathe. He loved Quinn. But when you love two different women, someone is bound to get hurt. It's the inevitable.... or is it?????

This review was prepared by Heather Davenport. 

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