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BLOG TOUR - Lovely by Beth Michele


A moment can change everything… 

Ashton Taylor. Six foot one, Dark hair, chiseled jaw, riveting hazel eyes, and a body cut in all the right places. He’s a natural. Things just come easy to him. He’s used to getting everything he wants, excelling at everything he does. The grades, the recognition, the beautiful women.

His path was set. A girl, a full scholarship to UC San Diego, and a bright future. To others, his life seemed perfect. But, things are never what they seem, and life, well, at any moment, something or someone can come along and turn it upside down. 

That something…the death of his father.

That someone… Cara Hayward. The girl with the hypnotic eyes, melodic voice, enchanting smile, and lips sent straight from heaven.

The girl who doesn’t want to be seen.

So what happens when a guy who everything comes easy to, meets a girl who doesn’t come easy? 

Can he crawl through all the broken glass to find her? Will the girl he discovers deep down be able to see past his perfect exterior?

Together, do they have the power to heal one another? Or, could the very thing that brings them together, be the one thing that tears them apart?


Ashton Taylor was living the American dream.  He was six foot one, dark haired, hazel eyes,   had the perfect athletic body, a six pack, the amazing "V" that all the girls love, an amazing supportive family,  and a baseball scholarship to UC San Diego.  Ashton was thrown a curveball and his life did a complete 360 when his father was diagnosed with a devastating illness. 

"I watched as a devastating illness stole the only hero I'd ever known in a matter of six months" ~ Ashton

After the death of his father, Ashton dropped out of school for a year and later enrolled at Glendale College, so he could be there for his mother, and his two younger siblings, Cole and Delilah.  Ash knew that his family needed him more than UC San Diego did.  Ash felt the need to take care of his mother, Cole and Delilah, but who was there to take care of Ashton?

Ashton was a man whore and had a new girl in his bed every week.  Ash didn't feel anything after the death of his father.  He didn't allow anyone within the wall that he built around himself.  The only time Ash felt anything when was he was deep inside a girl.   

Ashton was heading to the library to work on his Econ paper when he laid eyes on the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.  He was immediately drawn to her and couldn't take his eyes off of her.  There was just something about her eyes.  It was as if they were calling to him.  Her eyes were sad, as if they were telling me her life story.  She had long auburn hair with soft waves that hung past her shoulders, and wore these ridiculous black rimmed glasses that consumed her face.  Her glasses were entirely too large for her face.  Her demeanor came off as if she was trying to blend in, go unnoticed, but with those glasses, she was doing quite the opposite.  Those glasses brought attention to her.

A moment can change everything…  The moment Ashton laid eyes on that beautiful girl, everything changed for Ashton.  It was as if she was an angel, shining a little light on the dark world that he was living in.  Ashton changed that day.  Cara made him feel something, he felt alive for the first time in a very long time.  Ashton needed to know the name of this angel; his sister informed him of her name, her name was Cara Hayward.

Cara didn't socialize with anyone at school, she was quite the loner.  Cara spent all of her time with her studies, working at the college library, or reading and writing poetry.  After a tragic event in Cara's past, she built a wall around herself and had huge trust issues with people.  When Ashton walked into the library, he didn't go unnoticed, he caught Cara's attention, however she did everything she could not to let him know that she noticed him.  Cara rarely made eye contact with people.  Ashton on the other hand, was doing everything he could to get her to make eye contact with him.

"Don't ever look down.  Someone so beautiful should always be looking up." ~ Ashton

After several attempts to speak to Cara, Ashton realized that Cara is different from all the other girls.  He asked her out a few times, just to hang out so he could get to know her, but every time he asked, Cara's response was always the same, NO.   Ashton always loved a challenge, he knew that Cara was not his usual type, but he wasn't taking NO for an answer.  He was going to pull out the big guns to get her to agree to hang out with him.

Cara keeps thinking what does a guy who looks like Ashton Taylor want with a girl who looks like me?  He could have anyone he wanted, she considered herself broken, what could he possibly see in her.  Ashton was persistent and continued to ask Cara to hang out.  Cara finally agreed to hang out with Ashton and they immediately hit it off.  The chemistry between them was perfect.  Both of them had walls built up, but after getting to know each other, they both knew that there was much more beneath the surface of each other.   Could the man whore, become a one woman man?   Could Ashton be faithful to Cara?   Cara stole Ashton's heart immediately, but would she shatter it?   Would Cara give Ashton the opportunity to get to know the "real" Cara?  Could Cara overcome her past and move forward with a future with Ashton?  Would Cara and Ashton break down the walls that they have both built to protect themselves?

Cara's past was keeping her from moving on with her life.  Cara was always guarded and had huge trust issues.  Cara understood what Ashton was feeling with the death of his father.  She lost a loved one as well.  It was if they were meant to cross paths, to help each other heal, to be each others light in the storm life that they had been living in.  Do they have the power to heal one another?

"I was afraid, but I'm not anymore.  I was unsure, but I'm more sure than ever.  My world was dark, " her eyes meet mine, "but you've filled it with light.  I was hiding from the world, but I don't want to hide from you." ~ Cara

I absolutely LOVED this book.  LOVELY captivated my attention from the moment I started the book.  I felt the connection between Ashton and Cara instantaneously.  I also felt the pain that they were both experiencing.  Ashton couldn't catch a break and my heart broke for him as he struggled with situations that he had no control over.  Ashton always felt the need to be strong for his family, and I loved how he opened up to Cara.  Everyone needs to have that special someone in their lives, and I was glad to see that Ashton found his special person.  Cara seemed to bring out the best in Ashton, and Ashton also taught Cara that things from her past, were not her fault.

This review was prepared by Heather.  I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

After you read LOVELY, you must listen to this song, Beneath Your Beautiful.  This song seems as if it was written for Ashton and Cara.




My feet continue to trail a path across the dewy grass, the cool breeze hitting my face as I make my way to the brick building housing the campus library. I pull off my aviator sunglasses and hook them over the ridge of my t-shirt, exhaling a groan of silent protest. Today’s just another day of going through the motions. My mind runs through the exams I need to study for and the work I need to get done around the house when I push through the double glass doors of the library and see … her.
She looks just like an angel.
The sight of her makes my dick hard. An involuntary shudder courses through me, my pulse thrashes against my neck, and my heart beats vigorously inside my chest. Soft waves of chestnut curls dance over her shoulder, her skin is so flawless it’s reminiscent of swirled cream, and her perfectly-shaped lips, lips the exact color of raspberries, beckon to me. Her curves are framed by a blue and white floral dress, her sweet face consumed by a pair of large, black-rimmed glasses. Wait, that’s odd. It doesn’t fit the rest of the picture.
I continue to watch her as she checks books out for students yet, still doesn’t look up. I shuffle my feet along the dark brown rug and wait for her eyes to come to me but I get nothing in response.
Adding a sharp cough to the shuffle ought to do it. Hmph.
She continues to look down at her books, completely disinterested. Highly unusual.
I’m not liking it and I intend on changing it. A challenge … yeah, I’m up for it. Thinking fast, I swipe a book off the shelf and toss it on the counter in hopes I can meet her eyes. She moves her painted fingers toward my book and flips it over. A laugh tickles her throat as her head bobs from side to side. When I stare down at the counter it all makes sense. Pleasing Your Man: Everything You Don’t Want to Ask but Need to Know. Well, I guess I’ve got her attention now.

I am a wife, a mom, an author, and a lover of all things chocolate, well, anything sweet really. While stuffing chocolate in my face, I enjoy reading young adult and new adult novels furiously, and spending time with my husband and two adorable children who keep me on my peppermint pink painted toes. Those same children who inspire me to tell silly stories that cause hysterical giggles to tumble from their bellies.
I love to laugh and love to have a good cry, especially after reading a novel that stretches my soul, one that makes me feel, and lingers in the corner of my heart.
I’m a hopeless romantic and a happily ever after fanatic, and I love to write about LOVE.
I began writing when I was in middle school, penning anything from short stories, to poetry, and then later moved on to write children’s books.  I have now endeavored into New Adult and Contemporary Romance novels and am loving every minute of it.  My first novel, Love Love, was released in May, 2013.    
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