Sunday, October 18, 2020

I Promise You by Ilsa Madden-Mills


Dillon McQueen: Babe. I promise. You want me.
Serena Jensen: Um, who are you?

There’s a legend at Waylon University: the first girl you kiss freshman year at the bonfire party is the one you’ll never forget. She’ll crawl under your skin. She’ll spark a passion so fierce you’ll burn the world down to possess her.

You might even put a ring on it.

But...timing is everything. That kiss can go horribly wrong. She might run in the opposite direction. And boy, did Serena run.

Dillon is Waylon’s hotshot quarterback with something to prove. All he wants is to graduate and make it to the NFL. What he doesn’t need is to finally meet the mystery girl he kissed at the bonfire freshman year. Isn’t it enough that she’s haunted his dreams for more than a thousand nights?

Fate laughs in his face when he runs into the plucky girl at the Piggly Wiggly. Surrounded by his entourage, he’s got all of her favorite cookies in his cart; she gets revenge by buying every six-pack of his favorite beer.

Obviously, that legend is a curse. She’s not his type and hates him. Worst of all, how can she not remember him when she left a Serena-shaped hole in his heart for the past three years?

So why can’t he stop trying to win her?

Will this quarterback score the girl or make the biggest fumble of his life?

Author’s Note: I Promise You is a complete stand-alone college sports romance. Expect hot football jocks, strong women with pluck, a tell-it-like-it-is Nana, deep feels, fun banter, and a sigh-worthy happy ending. No cheating or cliff-hangers.

REVIEW by Kelly:

Ilsa knows how to capture perfection in college romance. This is just one more book in her arsenal that will wrap you up, give you all the feels and spit you out feeling completed. 

We met Dillon in previous books about these Waylon football stars. He was a backup quarterback and now it’s his year and his time to shine. We knew him as cocky and as a playboy, a fun-time guy. Now we get to peel the layers back and see what lies underneath. Don’t we all wear a shell? A persona we put on for others we don’t let get close? Dillon is hurting. He’s suffered pain, loss and now is under the pressure to perform, to be the best QB1. He has a younger guy nipping at his heels. He’s already been second best, pushed to the side, replaced. He’s fighting for what means the most to him. Until she comes back into his life. We all know the legend of the kiss at the freshman bonfire parties. Dillon participated as well but he lost her and gave up searching after awhile. But like the legend says, she’s always been at the back of his mind and in his dreams.  Now, she’s real and he will do anything to capture her heart and give her his, the one that’s been hers all along. 

Serena is unique and quirky. She remembers Dillon and that kiss well but it wasn’t the right time for her. She’s two years older and a bit more experienced in life. She’s jaded. She’s driven down the road of love before only to crash and burn and leave her with painful scars. The attraction is intense between them, but what’s, even more, is the awareness they have of the other. She’s not sure if she’s ready or even willing to travel this road again. 

It’s a battle for love. There are ups and downs, jealousy, and heat. Insecurity runs rampant. They open up and reveal truths, honest about the pain. Then there’s hurt, no one is perfect. Their time wasn’t right before. Is it now?

I’m left feeling completely blissed out and happy. I love feeling this way and know that opening up one of Ilsa’s books is always the right medicine I need. Fantastic job and a huge 5-star for me!

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