Sunday, October 18, 2020

Evil Love by Ella Fields (A Dark High School Bully Romance)

Bestselling author Ella Fields delivers an all-new standalone enemies to lovers, bully romance.


There was a time Jude Delouxe didn’t hate me, and I’m fairly certain it was when he didn’t know I existed.

Senior year, I finally caught his eye long enough to throw word vomit at him like the obsessed teenage girl I was.

That was then.

You see, the most wanted guy in school blamed me for losing his second chance with his girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend? Whatever. Point is, the Adonis loved to hate me.

It wasn’t my fault he’d followed me. It wasn’t my fault he’d stared too long and stood a little too close, just daring me to accomplish my wildest dreams.

And it most certainly wasn’t my fault his ex-girlfriend arrived when he’d decided to kiss me back.

Then the cruelty began.

I’d thought I could handle it, so long as his lips kept gracing mine and he kept giving me more scorching firsts. Until he took it too far, and all his carefully kept secrets blew open the doors to a brand-new world. A world he was all too familiar with.

Obsession became loathing and fear replaced naivety as Jude was forced to hold my hand and help me navigate a secret society rife with sin and debauchery—the crème de la crème of Peridot Island.

If I wasn’t careful, I’d do more than lose what remained of my heart. My first love and greatest foe wouldn’t be satisfied until he’d devoured my soul, too.


I love me a bully romance every now and then to shake things up and Evil Love delivered what I was looking for.  Jude Delouxe was the high school football star, a teenage boy every girl dreamed about. Problem was, he was so out of Fern Denane's league. However, one kiss with her crush, Jude, triggers a slew of events that no one was quite ready for.

Jude doesn't want to be attracted to Fern, but no matter how hard he tries to stay away, he can't. So when he decides to keep her as his dirty little secret, Fern takes whatever he is willing to give. After all, he has been the focal point of her obsession for years. 

Things aren't how they seem to appear on Peridot Island. As the layers begin to be peeled back, and naive Fern begins to see the truth hidden behind no many lies, she is forced to look at things with a new set of eyes. She's grown up sheltered by her mother, so when the wool is lifted from her eyes, she sees things in a different light. 

I loved how Fern may have appeared to be weak, but she wasn't. As the story unfolds, you see how strong she truly is. You see how Jude has an obsession with her as well. The only difference is, Jude doesn't know what to do with his feelings. Evil Love was my first book by this author and it probably won't be my last.

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