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LONG ROAD HOME by Marie Meyer (March 7, 2017; Forever Yours eBook; $3.99)

Sometimes getting lost is the only way to find your way home…

I’m grateful for many things—my work, my apartment, my amazing friends.  But after that night years ago, I’m left with an aching weight I can’t escape.  And it’s keeping me from living and loving the way I desperately want.  So when a ruggedly handsome cop pulls me over, I’m shocked by what just the sight of him does to me—stirring up feelings I didn’t think were possible again. 

Cayden Sinclair is undoubtedly one of the good guys.  A former Marine who’s so sexy I can’t seem to keep my hands to myself.  But there are things I’m not ready to share, things that could change everything between us.  Cayden deserves to have the life he’s always wanted—which means walking away from him.  But I don’t know if I’ll ever find the strength to let him go…

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It all started with a measly traffic stop. Cayden just couldnt give Ren a warning and let her be. No. He had to give her a ticket. Being a stickler for everything he gave her what she deserved. At the time. But that first meeting was not going to be the last. He could not get her out of his mind even though he has so many other things to think about. Meanwhile, Ren could not get his eyes out if her head. 

Fate brings them both together at a wedding the next day. You can instantly feel the chemistry between the two of them. It is evident throughout the entire book. They couldn't be away from one another that night. He knew then he couldn't let her go.

Cayden had many other things to keep him mind focused on, Ren, with, a girl should not be one of them. As much as Cayden wants her and knows she wants the same she is hesitant on letting it get any further. And being the gentleman be is he puts his needs aside and let's everything go her pace. Cayden is going through so much in his life, between his family and his work his time is accounted for. Ren has her own set of demons she needs to get through. Though it seems even after all these years the past still haunts her she's doubtful it will ever end.

They weasel themselves into each other's lives despite their reservations. They help each other over overcome the past and current situations. Ren has issues with men but feels safe around Cayden. Cayden is such a sweetheart. His patience he has with Ren is amazing and he's helping her get through the past so she doesn't have to live in fear again. And Ren... So understanding with Cayden and just being there for him. 

They've form a comfortable routine with one another. It's as if they are so in tune. I loved watching them grow individually and also together. They show you that you don't have to do it all alone. The right person will be at your side guiding you through. 

What happens though when the one person you care so deeply about could put a damper on your future? Or when the one person who said wouldn't leave, leaves when though shit happens? Can they overcome it all or will it be their ending game?

This review was done by Jenn. I received an advance copy for my honest review. 

About the Author
Marie Meyer is a teacher who spends her days in the classroom and her nights writing heartfelt romances. She is a proud mommy and enjoys helping her oldest daughter train for the Special Olympics, making up silly stories with her youngest daughter, and bingeing on weeks of DVR'd television with her husband.

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