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Neighbor Dearest is LIVE and on limited-time release sale for $3.99 (Changing to $4.99 after release. This will be the ONLY sale.) A sexy STANDALONE friends-to-lovers story that does NOT have to be read in conjunction with any other book.


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A STANDALONE NOVEL that does NOT need to be read in conjunction with any other book.

From New York Times bestselling author, Penelope Ward, comes a friends-to-lovers story with sexy new characters.

After getting dumped, the last thing I needed was to move next door to someone who reminded me of my ex-boyfriend, Elec.

Damien was a hotter version of my ex.

The neighbor I’d dubbed “Angry Artist” also had two massive dogs that kept me up with their barking.

He wanted nothing to do with me. Or so I thought until one night I heard laughter coming through an apparent hole in my bedroom wall.

Damien had been listening to all of my phone sessions with my therapist.

The sexy artist next door now knew all of my deepest secrets and insecurities.

We got to talking.

He set me straight with tips to get over my breakup.

He became a good friend, but Damien made it clear that he couldn’t be anything more.

Problem was, I was falling hard for him anyway. And as much as he pushed me away, I knew he felt the same…because his heartbeat didn’t lie.

I thought my heart had been broken by Elec, but it was alive and beating harder than ever for Damien.

I just hoped he wouldn’t shatter it for good.

Author's note – Neighbor Dearest is a full-length standalone novel. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

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Copyright © 2016 by
Penelope Ward
Looking tense, he placed his hands slowly into his pockets as he looked at me. “What exactly happened last night?”
“What are you talking about?”
Nice try dodging the question.
He moved in closer to me. “What am I talking about? You leaving me with a giant fucking basket of muffins and running off before I could even say anything? Ring a bell?”
“I thought you’d be alone. It caught me off guard.”
His eyes softened. “You were upset…”
“No, I wasn’t.”
“You’re a terrible liar, Chelsea. Fucking horrible at it. You don’t hide your feelings very well.”
“You think you know just about everything there is to know about me, don’t you?”
“Not everything. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read you. It’s one of the things I like about you, though. You’re one of the least fake people I’ve ever met.”
“Then, tell me. Why do you think I was upset?”
“Honestly? I think you’re confused about me.”
“Yes. I think you’re wondering why I opted not to have dinner with you and instead ended up with a woman I’d literally just met, someone who isn’t as sweet as you and sure as fuck isn’t as pretty as you. So, you’re wondering what the hell I was thinking. Am I right?”
That’s exactly what I was thinking.
He continued, “I know we haven’t known each other for very long, but I do feel a connection with you, okay? If you’ve sensed something, you’re not imagining it.”
“Well, if I wasn’t confused before…now I definitely am.”
“I feel like I need to say this now, because I can’t stand the thought of you thinking that I somehow find you undesirable when it’s exactly the opposite.”
I crossed my arms. “Again. Not following you.”
He closed his eyes as if to try to find the right words. “It’s just that I know for sure that I can’t ever be what someone like you needs in a boyfriend, in a partner. It’s not that we wouldn’t have fun or be great together at first. I’m just not good for you in the long-term—not marriage material. And the reasons are too complex to get into, except to say that it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. I can’t, in good conscience, start something with a girl like you.”
“A girl like me…”
“Yes. You’re not the kind of girl a guy takes home for a quick fuck. You’re the girl he keeps.”
Right. Just like Elec did.
"My will to live is stronger than my fear of death now.. because of you. You're the reason i want to live so badly."
I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Neighbor Dearest is jam packed with a rollercoaster of emotions that you won’t be able to put this book down until the very last page. Penelope will capture you from the very first page and she will place you right with the characters.
"How can you be in love with one person and just fall in love with someone else?"
Chelsea Jameson just had her heart shattered by the “love of her life” and is wallowing in his betrayal/slowly moving on. That is when she meets her next door neighbor Damien Hennessey who apparently has been listening to her conversations and has two annoying dogs that keep her up. Chelsea tries her hardest to move on from Elec but the pain is still there. She feels that he was it for her and doesn’t see herself moving on again. Damien takes it upon herself to help her through this process.
"I just feel like i won't be able to every trust anyone with my heart again."

Damien and Chelsea form an easy friendship, as if they have known each other for so long. He is helping her try to move on with her life. Showing her that there is more to life that just sulking. The dogs seem to have formed a bond with her as well.  It’s like they are in sync with one another since they are spending so much time with one another. But after spending all that time together, they can’t fight that physical attraction that they have. They try to fight it, but it’s extremely tough for them. Chelsea is a forever kind of girl. Damien is not one for commitment. But being friends with Damien could also be the one that could be the biggest heartbreak ever.
"I knew it was probably going to end, that it wasn't really going anywhere but I was still enjoying the ups and downs of knowing him."
Damien has never seen himself with anyone in the long run and throughout the story we see why. As much as he wants Chelsea he keeps pushing her away. Even into the arms of other men. Chelsea tries to get him to open up but he’s just that closed off. He just does not function that way. Damien has always been open and honest with her. That’s one of the things I loved about him. You can clearly see how much he cares about her. He feels as if he is doing this more so to protect her than himself. But when we hear his story, we know why.
"He was giving into the need within him--within us. He'd loosened the reins no longer stopping the invisible pull. It had always been there and had only gone stronger."

How far will Damien push Chelsea away for? Will Chelsea let him? Or will she keep pushing him back? Will Chelsea be able to crack Damien open? Will Chelsea be able to trust men again? Or will Damien be her biggest heartbreak? Can the two of them fight their demons off together? Or will they be battling their feelings for each other continuously?
"Pizza is like sex. It's hard to fuck it up."

I loved loved loved Damien. I mean how can you not swoon after the guy?! He does everything he can for Chelsea. In the end it was clear as to why he was protecting the both of them. He just knows exactly what she needs when she needs it, even if its a simple gesture to make her laugh. And Chelsea, I loved watching her go from someone so broken and rising through it all. She was able to stand on her own at the very end. Damien had to guide her along the way, but at the end she was able to do it on her own. Whether she wanted to stand up on her own or not is neither here nor there. I was a bit sad to see the book end. I’m hoping to see a Jade book come out next..with possibly more Damien and Chelsea in there….

About the Author:
Penelope Ward
Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 11-year-old girl with autism and a 9-year-old boy. Penelope and her family reside in Rhode Island.

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