Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting to Know Alexis Alexander & Mike Crowson Part One


Getting  To Know 
Alexis Alexander
Author of Strong Enough
Mike Crowson
Cover Model/Muse

          I had the pleasure to spend a couple of hours chatting with soon to be published author Alexis Alexander and her cover model/muse, Fitness Model Mike Crowson. They relaxed in bed (separately, get your minds out of the gutter, ladies) while we chatted. They were fun to get to know. I learned a few interesting things about each of them. I learned some interesting tidbits, like Mike’s philosophy of “I can’t hear can’t.” I tried to think about how much that made sense. Then I tried to think about how much it didn’t make sense, but it made my feeble brain hurt, so I stopped. I hope you enjoy reading & watching their interviews as much as I did.

         This will be a 3 part series. In Part One we get to know more About Alexis & her writing, with a few tidbits from Mike. Part Two is Mike’s getting to know you segment. Part Three will be a question & answer session with Alexis about her book Strong Enough.

Getting to know you with author Alexis Alexander.....
         Alexis is the author of the soon to be published new adult novel, Strong Enough. A military brat who graduated from high school at 16 & went on to attend Texas Tech & graduate from Wayland Baptist with a BS in Business Management. Later she received her Masters in Adult Curriculum and Instruction Education. She currently practices as a wealth manager, but hopes to enroll in law school next fall. Her goal is to practice Business & Entertainment Law.
        Learning the guitar has taken a back seat to book writing for the time being. Alexis hopes to pick it back up soon & resume her second life in music. She is a movie loving pool shark with a shoe & purse fetish. Her family is a big part of her life with her teenage daughter, 2 pugs, older brother whom she describes the other pea in her pod,  father & step mother, along with her friends.

Mike help us get to know Alexis, please.
        When I was first contacted by Alexis I had just started in modeling. She is the first person who gave me a step into modeling. This is my first book cover, my first time as someone’s muse. (That he knows of…) When the weekend of the photo shoot (for the cover of Strong Enough) arrived it was like, I guess, I made it. Whenever either of us needs something we’re a phone call away. It really means a lot to me. ~ Mike

         Their relationship has grown from Alexis seeing a picture online & approaching Mike about using his picture on her fan page into a friendship & business partnership. They have a mutual respect for each other that is easy to see. Each of their strengths compliments the others.  They bring different talents & skills to their ventures, which entail more than the book. Neither lets the other downplay their intelligence or accomplishments. They like the opportunity to call the other one out, especially Alexis.

Watch our Skype Chat with Alexis & Mike Part One. Click enlarge to make the slides viewable.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Alexis. Come back on Sunday March 31st for the cover reveal of Strong Enough & Part Two of the interview, Getting to Know Mike Crowson. You’re going to love it!

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