Sunday, March 10, 2013

Excerpt from Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby (With Me In Seattle Series)

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My body’s response to him is overwhelming.
I feel him smile against my skin, and he moves down, suddenly rolling me onto my right side. “What have we here?”
“Perhaps another tattoo?” My voice cracks as he runs his hand from my left hip to my shoulder.
“What does it say, baby?”
It’s script, as are all of my tats, that runs up my ribs, but I’m too busy trying to remember to breathe to talk.
“Natalie, what does it say?” he kisses each letter gently, arms wrapped around my hips, braced on his elbows.
“It says, ‘Be happy for this moment.’” I groan, and continue. “‘This moment is your life.’”
“In what language?” His finger is rubbing it now. Oh wow.
“Mmm… turn onto your stomach.”
I oblige and groan as he kisses my shoulder, over to my spine and starts working his way down, down, down.
“God, your mouth feels good,” I groan and I feel him smile against my sensitive skin.
“And this?” He nibbles between my shoulder blades.
“It’s Greek.”
“What does it say, beautiful?” Oh, God, his hands are just everywhere, my skin is on fire, and he wants me to talk?
“Love deeply.”
“You’re so fucking sexy, Nat.”
“You’re making me feel pretty fucking sexy, Luke.”

--Luke and Natalie, COME AWAY WITH ME, available now.

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