Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Last Post by Renee Carlino


In this evocative and poignant novel from the USA TODAY bestselling author of Blind Kiss and Wish You Were Here, a young widow in the midst of grieving her late husband through Facebook posts learns to heal and fall in love again.

“See you on the other side.”

Laya Marston’s husband, Cameron, a daredevil enthusiast, always said this before heading off on his next adventure. He was the complete opposite of her, ready and willing to dive off a cliff-face, or parachute across a canyon—and Laya loved him for it. But she was different: pragmatic, regimented, devoted to her career and to supporting Cameron from the sidelines of his death-defying feats.

Opposites attract, right?

But when Cameron dies suddenly and tragically, all the stages of grief go out the window. Laya becomes lost in denial, living in the delusion that Cameron will come back to her. She begins posting on his Facebook page, reminiscing about their life together, and imagining new adventures for the two of them.

Micah Evans, a young and handsome architect at Laya’s father’s firm, is also stuck––paralyzed by the banal details of his career, his friendships, and his love life. He doesn’t know what he’s looking for, only that there is someone out there who can bring energy and spirit to the humdrum of his life.

When Micah discovers Laya’s tragic and bizarre Facebook posts, he’s determined to show Laya her life is still worth living. Leaving her anonymous gifts and notes, trying to recreate the sense of adventure she once shared with her late husband, Micah finds a new passion watching Laya come out of the darkness. And Laya finds a new joy in the experiences Micah has created for her.

But for Laya, letting another man in still feels like a betrayal to her late husband. Even though Micah may be everything she could wish for, she wonders if she deserves to find happiness again.


Everyone deals with death differently. Everyone grieves the loss of a loved one differently. Who are we to judge? Laya lost her husband tragically and fell into a deep depression.  Laya knew her husband was dead, but she continued to call his cell phone to hear his voice, to leave his daily messages on what was going on in her life. She would post frequently on his Facebook page, reminiscing on things they experienced together. It was a way for Laya to feel close to her husband. It was a way for her to communicate, it was her outlet. Yet, people judged her for it. 

Micah Evans works for Laya's father. From the moment his eyes landed on her in the office, he felt a shock to his core. He was drawn to her. He begins to do things to help Laya along the way. Help her remember that life goes on and that is okay to live again. To move on.  I don't think he ever stopped and thought about the ramifications of his actions. What if Laya finds out Micah is behind the kind gestures. Would she find is creepy? Would she appreciate him more?

Laya needs to decide if she wants to continue to live in the past, or embrace what is right in front of her. Embrace the present and look forward to the future. 

Can Laya open her heart again? Will she continue to allow her past control her future?  Is she open to the possibility of allowing Micah in?

The Last Post was a sweet endearing book. 

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