Friday, October 18, 2019

Stencil Sugar and Spice, Ink by Evan Grace


Our arrangement was simple—just physical and definitely no falling in love. That seemed easy enough until a positive pregnancy test changed everything. He’s loud, crude, sexy, and can cook and he’s bound and determined to make me his, but I’ve been burned before and if I let him in, and things don’t work out for us, well, it’s more than just my heart on the line.

Can I push past my issues to open my heart to that big beautiful man? As we navigate this unfamiliar terrain his enthusiasm begins to knock down the walls I’ve always kept around me, but we keep hitting obstacles that could ruin everything we’re trying to build.

Am I strong enough to battle my own demons to move forward to a future that could promise to be everything I could’ve hoped for?

REVIEW by Kelly:

I absolutely adore this book! Stencil is the second book in the series and it is absolutely fantastic. Evan is brilliant at what she does. She creates a world that’s beautiful and realistic with characters that have depth and flaws. 

We met both Nick and Sierra in the first story. We know that they immediately hit it off and have some sort of thing going on. Nick has been known as a player, a womanizer and a manwh*%e...until he laid eyes on Sierra. From that moment on, he knew that she was special, she was worth it and she might just be the one.

Sierra is skittish. She’s immediately attracted to Nick and jumps on the idea of having an “arrangement” with him. On and then off, they go back and forth and she knows she leading him on. It’s hurts though, her past. The scars that still feel so fresh. She was burned, badly and made a fool of and she’s not looking to change that may time soon. 

And then there’s two lines on that stick. A baby changes everything. Nick is ecstatic and jumps on the chance to prove that she is his and together is where they all should be. It’s a bumpy ride. Past insecurities are hard to overcome and certain obstacles that jump in their way could cause those walls that are crumbling around her heart to be built back up. 

This is definitely a book that you want to read, and a series of beautiful and bada** women that you should devour.

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