Monday, May 7, 2018


The New York Mavericks star wide receiver has come ready to play and he wants to entertain you
And you know what? 
Sean Phillips is the type of sexy, cocky, alpha man who always gets what he wants. 
Sounds a little dirty, huh? That’s probably because it is... ;)
The PICK SIX Teaser Tour will run from Thursday May 3rd until Monday May 7th. We realize a five day commitment goes above and beyond the ordinary, and we're so grateful you've decided to be a part of it.
You may have participated in our Teaser Tour for our other books, but if you didn't, here's how it works:
We're including ALL of the teasers now, for the next five days of posting, where each attachment is labeled with the date it is to be POSTED.
Your post can say anything you want it to say. The only things we'd like for you to include are the following:

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