Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Merciless is Here! Special Release Day Price of ONLY 99-CENTS!

Special Release Day Price:

Only 99-Cents or FREE in KU

Grab Merciless today before it goes back up to $3.99!

I'm not always the hero. Sometimes, I'm merciless...

My whole life I've been the good guy—loyal friend, helpful son, dedicated firefighter—but in the bedroom I'm someone else. That’s where my inner villain likes to come out and play.
With a kink as taboo as mine, it’s too risky to play with anyone who doesn’t crave it like I do, so I’ve gotten used to depriving that side of me.
Then I see herShe’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen and my darker half recognizes itself in her mysterious brown eyes. She’s everything I could ever want and thought I would never find.
Our arrangement may seem twisted to everyone else, but the sex is explosive—and soon my soul is demanding to own every part of her. We come from different worlds that want to tear us apart, but I won’t give up on our future.
For her, I will fight. And I will be…merciless.
Reader Advisory: Merciless deals with forced fantasy between consenting adults. Readers sensitive to non-consensual sex fantasies should be advised.

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