Friday, December 15, 2017


How can one moment, when their world seemed so right, cause Jamie and Camryn's perfect lives to spiral out of control? Will they be able to withstand the turbulent storm that has the power to destroy their relationship?

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Two lives…as close to perfect as they can be.

Camryn Townsend has everything she’s always dreamed of…an amazing family, supportive friends, and the perfect job. Everything a girl could want. Or is it? A trip back to her childhood home threatens to unravel her web of perfection.

Her problem…she’s in love with her best friend and she’s too scared to sacrifice their friendship for a love she’s always wanted. 

Jamie Banks’ life is the epitome of perfection. His company is thriving, his band is on the cusp of stardom, and the girl he loves is returning home.

His problem…the girl he loves has been his best friend for as long as he can remember and he’s not sure he’s ready to sacrifice his best friend for a lover. Pursuing a relationship with the possibility of losing her has him second-guessing everything he knows.

Unspoken words are the only thing standing in their way.

"Without giving any spoilers, just know that Davenport writes a great plot twist which will leave you squirming. Maybe even a little shocked. However, her characters are beautifully developed, devoted, and interconnected. The bonds we see between not just Jamie and Camryn, but their extended group of friends is heartwarming. And Jamie can most definitely be added to your list of book boyfriends." – Loredana
"This book gripped me from the first page!!! H.P Davenport delivers a story so gripping and powerful that leaves you breathless and wanting more. It tells a story of two best friends destined to be more and you get to experience their loving and heartbreaking journey."
"I don't think I can say enough about this book. I was sucked into the story from the very beginning (Love when a book can do that!). Life long friend finally realize their depth of love and attraction for each other.)  When tragedy strikes the group of friends in this book all band together. Cami proved just how tough she was..." – Tina
"This story was a wonderful friends to lovers installment! Cami & Jamie's affection for each other leaps off the page. There is a tragedy in this story, and it was written so well, so thoroughly. That part of the story ripped out my heart. But it was written SO WELL! I know, I said that already. The level of emotion thru the whole story was just top notch..." - Carrie Marie
"5 stars for a beautifully written love story that tested time, overcoming a horrific event and together they held strong for each other."

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