Friday, September 29, 2017

GHOSTED by JM Darhower

A new second chance romance standalone from USA Today bestselling author J.M. Darhower.

He's a troubled young actor, Hollywood's newest heartthrob, struggling with fame as the star of the latest superhero franchise. Through scandal after scandal, addiction on top of addiction, a flurry of paparazzi hunt him as he fights to conquer his demons.

She's a single mother, assistant manager at a grocery store, existing in monotony with her five-year-old daughter. Every day when she goes to work, lurid tabloids surround her, the face of a notorious bad boy haunting her from their covers.

A man and a woman, living vastly different lives, but that wasn't always the case. Once, they were just a boy and a girl who bonded over comic books and fell in love unexpectedly.

When Kennedy Garfield met Jonathan Cunningham back in high school, she knew he had all the makings of a tragic hero. With stars in his eyes, and her heart on her sleeve, the pair ran away together to follow their dreams.

But dreams, sometimes, turn into nightmares.

Now, years later, the only thing they share is a daughter—one who has no idea her father plays her favorite superhero. But Jonathan is desperate to make amends, and at the top of his list is the woman who gave up everything for him and the little girl he hasn't yet met.


If you follow J.M. Darhower you know she is a HUGE fan of comics and heroes. Ghosted is not the usual type of story that the author is known to write. I know her for her amazing MAFIA/MOB stories which I am obsessed with.  So when I read the synopsis to GHOSTED, I was very intrigued to see what she could do with a second chance romance that didn't involve someone being killed or tortured (insert smirk)

So lets discuss GHOSTED. Kennedy and Jonathan have a past, one that seems to come back and bite them both in the rear-end.  Jonathan has made mistakes in life, but life is about forgiveness. If we learn from our mistakes, don't we deserve a second chance?

When Jonathan makes a name for himself in the movie industry, he forgot the girl that has stood by his side. His biggest supporter. Jonathan became a stranger to Kennedy. Kennedy began to lose herself as well. When Kennedy needed Jonathan the most, he wasn't there. He didn't have the time of day for her. The words he spoke to her were never forgotten.  Those words would haunt him for years.

When Kennedy and Jonathan's life collide several years later, it doesn't just effect Kennedy, there is a beautiful little girl involved... their daughter.  For years, he hasn't had relationship with his daughter. He is only a paycheck that her mother, Kennedy refuses to cash. Kennedy wants nothing from Jonathan. Not his money, not his flirtatious smiles, and certainly not his love.

So what happens, when Jonathan sets out to make amends for his mistakes? What happens when the super hero his daughter is obsessed with, turns out to him? Her dad is a real life super hero. Will Kennedy give him a second chance?  Can young love conquer all? Or are some mistakes unforgivable?

I enjoyed this book. It was very unexpected from the author. I enjoyed seeing this side of her. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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