Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dirty Little Secret by Kendall Ryan



First, let me start off with how much I LOVE this cover. This cover is what sold me on the book. I requested this book from Net Galley without even reading the description.  I saw a lot of talk and posts about Dirty Little Secret on Facebook, so I was definitely curious about the book. I have to say when I finished it, I had a few questions to ponder. One, what was the dirty little secret? Did I miss something?  

This story revolves around a woman named Emma that sort of falls in love with a man that she never speaks to for over a year. She purposely goes to the local coffee shop the same time every day just to get a glimpse of the gorgeous man. Then when she finally takes matters into her own hands, she meets him. In her head, she imagined him ONE way, but in reality, he was nothing that she imagined. But.....  let me say this. I have never read a book where I love a different character more than the main hero in the story. In Dirty Little Secretly, I adored the brother, Cooper. I was rooting for Cooper, more than I was pulling for Grant.  Cooper was sweet, loving, considerate, where Grant was harsh, crass and at times rude and ignorant. Don't get me wrong, Grant showed a sweet side once in a while. Usually, after it was pointed out to him what a dick he was being, or if he wanted something that benefits him.  For me, Grant didn't do it. I was disappointed in his actions more than I was impressed with him.

I thought this story read easily, fast to be more specific. But by the end, I wanted more. I want to see where the story leads. I will definitely be reading Book 2 in the series to see where this goes. Fingers crossed, Grant earns my love, because right now, Cooper has my heart. 

This review was provided by a guest reviewer.

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