Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Team Player 2 - A Sports Anthology

REVIEWS by Kelly:

Dear Ava by Ilsa Madden-Mills:

This novella picked me up, shook me around and tossed me back out on my rear. What a fantastic story. I’m hooked and I know it will be turned into a series coming in 2020 and I cannot wait. 

Ava is different than everyone else around her. She the scholarship kid, the poor girl, the one without parents and without money. She’s surrounded by the elite and at one point she gives in and tries to fit in. Devastation occurs. Damaged and broken yet stronger and willing to fight for the answers she needs, she enters the world of the elite once again. Knox is there. He’s King in this world, everyone bows to him. But he’s different too, they just don’t see it. But she does. Slowly, with acids spitting from her lips, she lets him in. A connection, one neither of them expected, forms. Fear is there but the hope for something more allows them to take that step forward. 

It’s freaking beautiful. Emotional, sexy, snark-ish, and gripping. It leaves you wanting more.

Team Player 2: A Sports Anthology 

The Guy In The Middle by Kate Stewart:

Oh man! Lance and Harper have both tugged at my heart strings. I cannot wait until we get the full story in January of 2020. There’s so much pain in their pasts and so much that they could be in the future. Together they are beautiful and intense. Their connection and chemistry is fantastic. This was a great short read!

Arena Lights by Mandi Beck:

A fun story by Mandi. Maeve is one of the “off-limits” twins dubbed by her older hockey player brother. Benny Hayes is hot, sexy and a bad boy player. He’s also her older brothers roommate and teammate. He’s always known who she was but didn’t realize how she effected him until they took a team trip to Arizona. Sparks fly and the tension is high. It could be a fun fling or it could burn to the ground when his clingy past makes itself known. 

Body Heat by Rochelle Paige:

A short and hot story. Rowan is a hot football player who’s in a bit of danger. He needs a security team to surround him and no one does it better than the new team his agent hired. Sera is a feisty, bad a%#, woman who could take him down if she wanted to. Instead, it’s her job to stay right beside him and protect him from the unknown threat he has hanging over his shoulders. It doesn’t take long for them to each realize the attraction goes more than skin-deep. 

Guys Like You by Charleigh Rose:

Halston and Sully = just yum. Lust at first sight. Past betrayals make it hard for her to trust more than superficial layers. There something about her, he can’t get enough and wants more-for the first time ever. Together they explode with heat and passion. Taking those next steps may be too much for either of them to handle. 

Fast Break: A Hoops Novella by Kennedy Ryan:

Whew! Leaky eyes!! What a beautiful and meaningful quick story. Kennedy has a way with rods and this one doesn’t fall short. Quinn has overcome so much in her life but when the possibility of a future with Jag presents itself, it leaves her running scared. She’s the first one who’s ever made him feel this way and he won’t stop until she’s where she belongs, in his arms. Fantastic story!

End Goal by Ella Fox:

A quick second chance romance with an over the top sexy guy and two sweet little munchkins. Addison and Law have known each other for years and their attraction was intense. 10 years ago they gave in and 10 years ago it all fell apart. Circumstances have forced them to be present in one another’s lives again and that intensity hasn’t gone away. The pain of the past gets pushed under the surface so they can focus on the two sweet lives that are in their care but it doesn’t take long for it to rise up and bubble over. Intense, hot and sweet. A great story!

The Teaching Hours by Sara Ney:

I adore the Douchebag series by Sara and this novella is just as good. Hannah is awkward, weird and doesn’t act like your typical girl. Rex has had his issues in the past and has been a real douche. An introduction on the campus dating app inadvertently causes sparks to fly. It’s a short, hot and fun story!

A Slice of Love by Teagan Hunter:

I love the humor and wit that Teagan outs into her stories. There’s nothing like her books. Jonas and Frank have known each other since high school. They had a special connection back then that culminated into one fantastic night but that quickly crumbled into pain and heartache. Years later they’re back in town together again. That connection never left, even though the hurt masks it. They’ll have to fight through the pain to find forgiveness to move forward. 

Love Game by Emma Scott:

Daisy and Kai were beautiful together. Each damaged and in pain in their own way, together they were able to battle the demons they held inside and overcome. It was a beautiful story. 

Holt’s Story by Meghan Quinn:

Oh she’s right! I do wanna kill Meghan. This Novella was fantastic and will eventually be a book. Holt and Harmony have a fantastic connection. I love the snark and the tension. So many quips and the entire thing was hilarious. I cannot wait for the full story. But, she leaves us with good news. The Locker Room and The Dugout, 2 books featuring Knox and Carson are already out. Jason’s story will be out in the end November 2019 and then she promises Holt’s story will soon follow. Fantastic times ahead!

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