Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre

I have three months to write the last book of my life. Three months to confess the details of that day, and how it changed everything for me. 

My name is Helena Ross. I’ve written fifteen romance novels, ten of which have become international bestsellers. But this one isn't a romance. This novel holds only the truth, which I have run away from for four years. The truth, which I have hidden from the police, from my loved ones, from the world. 

This final book?

It's my confession.


This book was very well written. Alessandra Torre take you on a journey with Helena Ross who has three months to write a book. When she realizes that she needs help, she turns to the person she least expected to ever ask. 

As Helena narrates the story, secrets are revealed. A secret that she probably didn't intend to ever be revealed.  At times my heart broke for Helena. At times, I was quite frustrated with her as well.  But in the end, I grew to love her. My heart broke for her. She may not have been the most welcoming person, but when she needed a friend.....  her ghostwriter never left her side. As much as she pushed, they pushed right back. 

Alessandra Torre delivers a captivating story that will leave your heart hurting.

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