Wednesday, October 24, 2018

AROUSE by Nina Lane FREE!!!


by Nina Lane



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FREE + GIVEAWAY!!! Arouse by Nina Lane is FREE for a limited time only!!!

5 amazing stars... Be ready to feel every single emotion possible.” – Totally Booked Blog

Nina Lane has written an amazing story that will resonate with every reader” - The Reading Cafe

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We promised each other a sweet, hot forever. Then we found out what happens after "happily ever after."

Brilliant, handsome professor Dean West is everything I've ever wanted, but didn't think I would have. My troubled past left me wary and guarded. But when Dean rescued me from mix-up with college courses, the spark between us turned into a firestorm. As he taught me about desire and trust, this warm, sexy man always kept me safe.

And for three years, our hot, loving marriage has been unbreakable.

Or so I thought.

Then one simple question provokes an alarming chain of events that threatens to tear us apart forever.

Not once have I believed Dean would lie to me...until he does.

Not once have I believed I would betray him...until I do.

Not once have I believed we would ever be apart...until we are.


Welcome to Spiral of Bliss. Liv and Dean's everlasting romance will melt your heart, turn you on, and enchant you with the power of a love to end all loves.
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