Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Interview with the Characters from the FOREVER SERIES by Brooklyn Taylor

Naughty and Nice Book Blog would like to welcome the group front the FOREVER SERIES.  I promise not to be too intrusive with my questions.  

Ashlynn and Cooper, how are the babies doing?
Ashlynn: <she laughs> Those guys definitely keep me on my toes. Never would have thought I would have a wonderful husband and rambunctious two boys.

The two of you had similar childhoods, do you think that made it easier to open up to each other about your pasts?
Cooper: Asher could run the farm without my help and Austin could eat and sleep in one of Neil’s planes. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom for my boys.

Ashlynn: Yes most definitely. I think it also made us appreciate each other and hold on tight to the good thing we knew we had each found.
<Cooper smiles his gorgeous smile at Ashlynn and grabs her hand.>

Cooper: I couldn’t agree more.

Ashlynn, do you still work at the Woman’s Center?
Ashlynn: Yes I do still work at the shelter on a volunteer basis. Not near as often as I would like though. The guys keep me pretty busy. The shelter will always be a part of me. It made me a better person.

Grace, you and Kyle have been together since high school.  From what I have read, it was evident that Kyle loved you.  You were the one that thought you weren’t good enough for him.  If you were given a chance to go back, would you change anything? 
Grace: Yes and no. I’ve always loved Kyle that was never in question. If I could have prevented any of the bad things that happened, hell ya I would have without a doubt. I do accept the fact now, that I am good enough for Kyle though.
Kyle: You always were baby. <He winks at her>

Kyle, knowing that Grace never felt as though she would be accepted by your family, due to the fact that you come from two totally different backgrounds, do you feel as though your mother truly accepts Grace?
Kyle: Good God, my mom loves Grace probably more than she loves me. <He laughs> Her, Grace and Ava tag team me all the time. They always get what they want and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
<Grace rolls her eyes>  Grace: I never would have thought I would be happily married, have a baby girl and have a mother in law that treats me better than my own mom ever did.

Have the two of you been able to move past the attack?  Do the two of you still have nightmares?
Grace: Just like anyone that survives something like that horrible day of events with Aiden, we have moved on. I think you have to in order to heal. I will always have nightmares or more like the flashbacks and of course I think of how the outcome could have been catastrophically different.

Kyle: <Puts his arm around her and brings her in closer to him.>

Directing my attention toward McKoy and Grayson.
The two of you seemed to fall in love at first sight.  Some readers have questioned is that truly possible.  Can you tell us what drew you to each other?
<Grayson laughs> <McKoy smiles proudly> Grayson: I would question it too if it hadn’t happened to me so it really doesn’t bother me that people question it. <He looks at McKoy> 
Grayson: Just look at her, how could you not fall in love with this beautiful woman.

McKoy, do you think you fell hard for Grayson because you were so hurt by Beau?
McKoy: Most definitely not. I thought Beau had taken my ability to love and when I fell from Beau as quickly as I did, I knew what I was feeling could not be compared to the love I had for Beau. Apples to oranges really. There was a huge part of me that knew that Beau was… well… Beau and that wasn’t going to change. He was a boy in a man’s body living for no one but himself. Grayson was the total opposite. He swept me off my feet and I never doubted him for a second.

Do the two of you think that your relationship progressed rather rapidly for just meeting each other? 
Grayson: <smiling his sexy grin> Hell ya it did. She really tested my self control. I had never felt these emotions before then add in the intensity. <McKoy leans in to kiss him.>

McKoy: <Interrupts when Grayson starts to finish.> In all seriousness, it was just one of those moments that you could not possibly explain if you didn’t feel it.

Grayson, you made a decision to love, accept and raise McKoy’s baby as your own early on in your relationship.  Can you explain how you came to that decision so easily?
Grayson: <Smiles ear to ear> That baby was part of McKoy. I wanted all of her. I never really gave it a second’s thought. I will never regret that decision. My girls are the most important things in my life and the reason I wake up every morning.
McKoy: I’m glad me and our little girl has you. You were a god sent.

Did Beau’s reaction to your pregnancy shock you?  I have to admit, I was shocked at how cold he seemed.  As it the revelation of him being a father didn’t affect him at all.
McKoy: It didn’t affect Beau at all. I mean,  I’d known him for half my life! That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. I had already known we were done but when he was so cold about Lilly, I knew there was no way I could ever forgive him. He wasn’t even half the man I thought he was or for that matter what he could be.

Do you think Beau till ever try to have a relationship with your daughter.  Possibly if he ever grows up and realizes the world does not revolve around him.
McKoy: No I don’t. He has signed all his rights away as if he was signing a receipt at a restaurant. As if it was of no consequence. Would I ever let him see her?
<She looks at Grayson, unsure>
Grayson: Let’s just cross that bridge when we come to it.

Flash round…  Look to your left and tell us one thing about the person sitting next to you that we don’t know.  It can be anything.  Something funny, something embarrassing, your options are endless.
Kyle to Grace: <He winks at her> She can out drink me any day. <Grace: You bet your ass I can>
Grace to Ashlynn: Ashlynn eats nasty ass pickle snow cones. Disgusting! <Ashlynn smiles>
Ashlynn to Cooper: <she giggles> He snores out so loud I sometimes hold his nose to get him to stop. <I knew you did Ash…>
Cooper to Grayson: Grayson liked McKoy long before McKoy like him. He asked about McKoy when Ashlynn and I were in the hospital before and I never told McKoy or Ashlynn. <Both girls stare at him.> <Grayson grinned, not really wanting that info out.>

Grayson to McKoy: McKoy can pick up anything with her toes. Pencil, clothes, hot wheels, barbies, anything you name it. She could go to toe Olympics! <She laughs>

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