Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Are You Ready for Andrei? - Check out this EXCERPT


Alice shoved against me. “I need to get out of here, I need to leave, I need—”
“Shh,” I tugged her back against me. “You’re hysterical. Running out of this room gets you put in that auditorium. You want to know how you get a tattoo? By not choosing me!”
“Great!” she roared. “So I either suffer at my brother’s hands, or you get bored with me and throw me down into the auditorium!”
“Have I even touched you?” I shoved her against the glass, my hands on either side of her face, pressing the glass so hard that my fingers hurt. “Have I f*cked you?”
“N-no.” She lifted her gaze to mine. “But you want to.”
The denial built up in my throat. 
And never came out. 
Her face grew harder. “And when you finally do…is that what happens to me?”
“No,” I rasped. “Never.”
“And yet you let it happen to others. To women who have done nothing wrong!”
“Raise your voice at me one more time,” I seethed. “And I’ll lock you somewhere nobody will hear you scream.”
She slapped me. 
I jerked back in shock. Nobody touched me without my permission. 
My nostrils flared as two knocks sounded on the door. 
I had her by the wrist and out the door in a flash, dragging her down the hall. 
She screamed. 
And I let her hate me. 
I let her scream at me. 
I let her curse me to hell. 
I let her. 
Because it was like throwing cold water over my burning body. 
She was right. 
I wasn’t hers. 
She wasn’t mine. 
This wasn’t a fairy tale. 
I killed innocent women. 
I’d always killed innocent women. 
And she was right. 
I would tire of her once I took her, just like my father had tired of his women; I was his son, after all. 
She’d revealed my biggest fear without even knowing it. 
That I was just like him. 
Debase April 30, 2019 Copyright RVD *Unedited and Subject to Change

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